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Leopards are mainly found over nearly the whole of Africa, south of the Sahara, northeast and Asia. Now a protected species in Uganda, Kenya, Ethiopia and most parts of the world.

The Leopard, Beautiful, Big, Spotted Wild Cat Photograph brought to you by HDW Enterprises & Foothill Felines (exotic Bengal Cat breeder).

Baby Snow Leopard! , from Iryna

Snow Leopard cub-why do they have to be wild animals. I would love one of these cats.

Haha, cats got shaved uggs, Omfg, lol!!!!

shawty had them apple bottom jeans, boots wit da fur. this cat is definitely shawty.

hold a baby cheetah  @beforeidie- #webstagram

I get to look after this little guy for the next couple months - Cutest Paw

a running basset hound = the best. via cute overload

Basset Hounds Running! The_LD Basset Hounds Running! Basset Hounds Running!