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..........Kool & The Gang!

We nailed a place in the Solid team on a tough Awesome course Thanks for the snap by twotoneams

Victor Lenears 1924

Victor Lenears 1924

Cyclists riding the first Tour de France, in 1903. Notice the outfits! Maurice Garin, here in white, won the Tour.

The Tour de France, which started 110 years ago today. Maurice Garin, in white, won the Tour. Notice the outfits!

Dia internacional de la bicicleta - Todos somos ciclistas

Today, in honor of International Women’s Day, Ivy Style revisits one of our most popular posts: the much-shared, much-lauded, moutwatering girls + bikes + penny loafers post of It may n…

It fits

Una bicicleta a la medida para Yao Ming

First Tour de France, 1903 at the finish (winner Leon Georget)

This Day In Tour de France History: July - The first Tour de France bicycle race began in Paris. Maurice Garin first winner.


Snug sweaters and stretchy jeans, exploring the city on two wheels