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Moniväriset smoothiet

Alpro - Multicolor shakes - 3 must try flavoured shakes

Oat and fruit blended together makes for a tasty brekkie or afternoon snack with Alpro Oat Drink

Smoothie exotique framboise, pamplemousse, banane, gingembre

Smoothie exotique framboise, pamplemousse, banane, gingembre

Delicious orange, banana, mint and Alpro Hazelnut Original drink all mixed together, so tasty it was

The Snow White Coconut Smoothie

The green coco loco smoothie

The Snow White Coconut Smoothie

Probeer eens een lassi met verse citrusvruchten, ananas en Alpro Mild & Creamy Vanille

Citrus lassi

Try a luscious lassi with citrus, Alpro Soya Vanilla Big Pot and Alpro Soya Unsweetened Wholebean

Délicieux smoothie à base d’Alpro Lait d'Amande Non Sucré

Smoothie mangue avec une touche d’amande

It takes two to tango, so this almond mango tango breakfast smoothie is the best when shared!

Un délicieux smoothie fruits rouges et basilic à base d'Alpro Lait d'Amande Original

Smoothie rose à l’amande

A yummy Alpro Almond Original Drink Breakfast smoothie with berries and basil!

Cupcake al cioccolato con la Bevanda alla Nocciola Alpro

Muffin alla nocciola

Everyone& nuts for tasty hazelnut muffins made with Alpro Hazelnut Original Drink

Smoothie Lait de Coco

Smoothie Lait de Coco

Syrup, Soups, Drinks, Ice, Airplanes

Pruimen Meloen smoothie - ontbijt smoothie

10 Superfood Smoothie Recipes to Kickstart Your Day - Nutrition Secrets

Een verfrissende lekkernij met aardbeien en Alpro Mild & Creamy Vanille

IJskoude aardbeien

This refreshing gluten-free summer snack with strawberries and Alpro Vanilla will make you ask for more. Or have it for dessert, because you know what they say: there is always room for a delicious summer dessert!

Dairy free blueberry cheesecakes using alpro soya yoghurt and gelatine

Baked cheesecake with blueberry sauce