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[gif] you will lose everything and everyone you hold dear. I am pinning to geek because I don't know if I should pin this on my Hunger Games board or my Harry Potter one.


this falls into too many movie categories for me to simply put it into another board.


I LOVE YOU BELLE! Plus- Hermione kinda looks like Belle. Emma Watson IS playing Belle in the live action version of Beauty and the Beast

"What about the lucky potion?" "That's not a spell, it's a lucky potion"

Haha "That's not a spell, it's a potion!" You tell her, Dan.<<<"the lucky potion" dude do you even know what Harry Potter is? Call it "liquid luck" at least!

His eyes are even crossed... he's a psycho, but it's funny anyway.

He Dursley make a fair point.

No post on Sundays. Stupid "The Notebook" haha. This is funny. Harry Potter humor with The Notebook.

Favorite Lines

"Harry Potter stars share their favorite lines in the "Not my daughter you bitch!" Is my favorite line of the whole series!


Harry Potter // I'm coming to accept that the HP feels will never, ever end. Jk Rowling is a genius.

Go Bellatrix. We know you can beat the sparkly vampire to a pulp. Go kill her for us.

Swan: you've made a huge mistake. Our Bella is a psycho bitch who can kill you in two words. Your excuse of a Bella is just a stupid bitch who let's a creep watch her in her sleep and I'm praying she's not your role model


Edward's flashback to a better time - Harry Potter and Twilight crossover