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The art of Kaethe Butcher. Go get inspired here

Kaethe Butcher

The art of Kaethe Butcher. Go get inspired here

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Related image

Long-Black-Hair_thum.jpg (529×700)

"Woman in Blue Combing Her Hair" Hashiguchi Goyo [Japanese artist, quarter century] Woodblock print on paper.

Three's a crowd - Laura Callaghan Illustration

Today's 'objet d'heart' is the illustrated work of Irish artist Laura Callaghan. Color-rich, fashion-filled, sometimes spooky, and always slightly mischievous, these are illustrations that will tease your imagination and delight your design eye.

The Diner - Laura Callaghan Illustration

Laura Callaghan -- A Noir in Fluoro - beware the sideways glance I spilled black ink all over this halfway through ♥Thank You Photoshop♥ I love this girl's work. It's totally totally 2014 at the same time.

Art: Yelena Bryksenkova

ziegfeld girl (print) by ybryksenkova on etsy - yelena is a 2010 illustration grad from MICA and I think she's fabulous!


Mouni Feddag is a young English illustrator, who studied in Germany. She is the author of these funny, colorful, exotic illustrations, full of daily life’

Beautiful People - Illustration by Nicola Alessandrini

Beautiful Chimera People: Illustrations by Nicola Alessandrini