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Finals Week in Graphs and Charts

Very much too true. I really have GOT to study, y'all. Finals Week in Graphs and Charts

Also: "I cant control the curse! "

School Memes 101

How everyone feels when they finish one exam and then have to study for another straight away: "I'm such a fool, I can't be free!

Calling home: | College Explained Perfectly In Pie Charts

College Explained Perfectly In Pie Charts

So I'm totally on Pinterest while I should be doing my homework and this comes up...really?!?! :P

Loki does what he wants, B*tch please

Humor + anything related to The Avengers = greatness. See Loki never studied :)

Finals Week in Graphs and Charts | Mental Floss

Finals Week in Graphs and Charts

Or sneezing, oh my god there was so much sneezing and my English teacher goes "Are you allergic to the final" and he goes "yeah"


A collection of 30 funny graphs. Go to Graph Jam to create your own and post it here!