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Secret Garden - Vertical Painting - Jaison Cianelli

Secret Garden - Vertical Canvas Print / Canvas Art by Jaison Cianelli

Marble and Stone Sculptures by Matthew Simmonds 돌로 조각한 건축물

Marble and Stone Sculptures by Matthew Simmonds

Marble and Stone Sculptures by Matthew Simmonds Heaving breathing

CW SLADE - homage #5 mixed media on wood 30 x 10

from the 'works on wood' series titled "homage" ~ painting by cw slade ❀ ~ ◊ photo via cw slade website

Dan Barnett Pottery | Garden Art | #Installation #Outdoor Ceramic

A nature inspired totem pole; animals could represent those that roam the space you share with our animal friends.

White-Winged Poem Dress by Lesley Dill.

White-Winged Poem Dress 3 by Lesley Dill. Paper sculpture by Leslie Dill

Korean artist Keysook Geum used iron wire to made this evening gown installations.【有生命的衣服】韩国艺术家Keysook Geum仅仅用铁丝完成了这组生动而轻盈的晚装雕塑系列。泡沫一般的悬浮着。看不见衣服的主人,但这些衣服却仿佛是活的。

[Clothes of life] South Korean artist Keysook Geum just completed with wire vivid and light evening sculpture series. The master of the invisible clothes, but these clothes seemed to be alive.

At least it's recycled... SOMEONE MUST HAVE BEEN DRUNK and said... I'm blue and want some tail... YIKES

- Vestito Blu - recycled bottle dress by Enrica Borghi at the Museum of Contemporary Art, Nice, France - - - online art gallery - contemporary art