Mehndi is derived from the Sanskrit word mendhika. Mehndi Designs are also called as henna designs and henna tattoos.

beautiful henna on feet   i want  it!!!!!

I love Henna tattoos, I've yet to get one though. I adore the traditional indian henna tattoos and never have I stumbled across american owned stands that can compare to the traditional indian touch.

I have always wanted a henna tattoo... gone in a few days, but beautiful for a while. Mehndi

How awesome would it be to have bridal henna done for like the bridal shower or something far in advance. not Indian so I wouldn't want it during the actual wedding, but I love the tradition, and its so pretty!

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Intricate henna design, bridal Mehndi design for an Indian wedding I want this on my left ring finger

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These henna feet are so beautiful. One thing that I like about henna is that it is a temporary art form.

love this body paint! Half tattoo, half jewelry Ulorin Vex - Black Lace by ~PhantomOrchid on deviantART. Body paint,Liquid latex, I don’t know, but the design is gorgeous. So is the corset. And those eyelashes!

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Full Bridal henna design by Sonia's Henna Art Toronto Artist Henna Artist in GTA Destination wedding - henna Artist Traditional art Design Mehndi design for bride Pakistani dulhan