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Teenager post

Here's to all those girls who purpose wish for that every chance they get. I can't be the only one who wishes on Airplanes like shooting stars. Hahaha, seriously I love these boys so much and to have them love me back would be a dream come true.

2012 Directioner, sorry I was a carrot.

Sign yo name! Sammy>>>Kasey>>>caitlyn>>>Reyna>>Serena>>>Mackenzie❤️✨>>>THIS PERSON>>>>Sabrina ❤️>jadelyn>>> Chloe ❤️❤️❤️ ily

They understand me so much. But it's also the same with 5sos. I annoyed my dad in the car the other day just by saying the names of the people singing. I made him listen to them and then I made him also listen to me saying their names.

I could tell when they were talking but sometimes their singing voices kinda ran together sometimes but now it's a sixth sense

BooYaa (y)

These boys taught me so it's all so true! We are a family and family sticks together that's why we defend the boys. they are family.I love Zayn's

"What's it like being a directioner?"

how it feels to be in the mcr fandom

I didn't even read the top that said it was Louis and liam  but when I saw it I was like oh lawdy this is why I love him!

Liam and Louis r so cute,and how Liam knows what Louis will do with mentos and diet coke so he wrote "not at the same time"

And a Direction will repost

Directioner ♥ and Mrs. Horan :)>>>>>>>directioner and Mrs.

Yeah now I just need to get invited on stage during a concert which is NEVER going to happen..

so funny ;wow harrys not to bright on this board jk jk jk dont hurt me! directioners im one too lml

Boyfriend, One Direction style... May I just say that this is perfect!

Wayyyy better then the original Justin Bieber lyrics.

The accuracy though...

The accuracy though.>>this is me when one I hear one of the bands I listen to on the tv. Why does it say "one direction" at the bottom?


And no, I'm not under the age of twelve. No, I do not listen to only One Direction. No, I would not break into their hotel to ambush them. I am a Directioner and I am proud. still a directioner tho

ANSWER THESE QUESTIONS... *misunderstanding..*Two kidneys...I answered them without HESITATION. Therefore, I win quickfire

"Direction questions then you are a directionator"

*sobs* <3

Lmao, yeah be very jealous peasants!

i love whoever wrote this. <3

I love One Direction. I love their bromances. Idc how people call me crazy, I'm living life and I love it.

I had to I find it funny and I love this type.of stuff

I had to I find it funny and I love this type.of stuff