bake christmas cookies bucket-list

bake the perfect christmas cookie. Came close this year, my dad and brother in law ate all of them and asked me to make more especially for christmas next year.


This was a family tradition while growing up with my parents. Every year in December we would go out and pick our own tree at a tree farm and my dad would cut it down.

Get a manicure. I've never ever went somewhere and had someone else do my nails for me but I need to!

Read all of the Harry Potter books. Well I'm going to read them soon. after the series I'm reading

Done, I accomplished this in kindergarten


Learn how to do a cart wheel:-) ~ Do you remember this day???? Oh my aching ass!! How sore were you?? I do believe we broke ourselves but dammit.... we did it!!! LOL!

I did gymnastics for 3 years years old) one of the first things they told me was a proper cartwheel.

Hug Mickey Mouse

mickey mouse deserves a hug from me, for all the times he has kept my kid quiet and still

Done!  I graduated from bartending school and then tended bar my first semester of college, prior to getting a job in the Foreign Language Dept. dd

I can bartend but I want to learn those cool bottle tricks! Oh, and serve drinks on top of the bar like in coyote ugly!

Check!!! But make sure that it is fresh otherwise it's not crispy and it's hard to chew

try chocolate covered bacon. then throw up from trying chocolate covered bacon -

many times on different continents

the best one was when i asked did you make a wish! and he turns and says no, why do i need to make a wish when i have everything i've always wanted right here.

Your Bucket List.


Catch a jar of lightning bugs.Summers in Nashville Tennessee, child hood memory