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keep calm and horizontal run like fat amy - god I love that movie

The Best of Duck Dynasty & um NO Jase, the only running this chick would be doing is AFTER YOU NOT FROM YOU! =)

Funny pictures about Duck Dynasty at its best. Oh, and cool pics about Duck Dynasty at its best. Also, Duck Dynasty at its best.

hahaha. The Peanuts Gang: Harlem Shaking before it was cool

Hipster Peanuts Gang// I don't even know what the "Harlem Shake" is but this dancing scene (and just how they dance in general) has always been my favorite.

Pitch perfect <3 you cant say "aca-believe it" without think and saying it how fat amy does

Keep Calm and ACA-Believe It. Pitch perfect you cant say "aca-believe it" without think and saying it how fat amy does

.so true thought that every time my mom made me take it!

Relatable Post: No cough syrup you're not "grape flavored". Have you ever tasted a grape? You taste like death and the tears of small children, not grape

Pitch Perfect. possibly my favorite line of the entire movie

'Pitch Perfect' Is Officially Getting a Sequel! Celebrate With 10 of Its Best GIFs

Pitch Perfect:) this has been so  true since the day i saw this movie!

Pitch Perfect:) seriously watched the ending three times today.

Olan Rogers | Ghost in the Stalls "It's a Monday."

Olan Rogers - Ghost In The Stalls. I think I cried laughing the first time I saw this. This guy is HILARIOUS.

Adam levine...i want you

Seriously, the feeling is mutual Adam. The feeling is mutual!

My Life Is So Romantic, Except It’s Not… I'm Awaiting Cary Grant...

Good thing I'm funny! =) "My life is like a romantic comedy except there's no romance and it's just me laughing at my own jokes.