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Upotettu kuva

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Rose-ringed parakeets peek out of a tree! Photo by Pradeep Kumar.


Love Birds * * MALE: " Wut ya think, sweetheart?" FEMALE: " Easy fer yoo to say.

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Popular and Rare Lories and Lorikeets as Pets

The Red Lory is the most commonly kept lory in captivity, after the Rainbow Lorikeet. Lories & lorikeets live in Indonesia, New Guinea, Australia & the Pacific. The Red Lory in particular is endemic to the Moluccas & surrounding islands in Indonesia.

Papagaio-verdadeiro (Amazona aestiva)

Blue-fronted Parrot, photo by OctavioSalles, via Wiki Aves: The Encyclopedia of Brazilian Birds.

Parent Birds Taking Care Of Their Cute Little Babies, Feel The Love By Nature Photos)

Upotettu kuva

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This is an Indian Ringneck parrot. It is actually a male (you can tell by the ring), feeding his babies.

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