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When prayer does not goes Believers' way, they say: God has a better plan......so if God already has a Plan, why pray?

Religious Myth - Atheism is a religion. Atheism is the lack or absence of a belief in deities and religion.

They are equally delusional and the voices they hear are just as dangerous to themselves and those around them.

Grant me wine to accept the things I cannot change, coffee to change the things I can, and an opaque mug. so my coworkers can't tell the difference. by AislingH

The pure insanity that is religion! It will be the ruination of the entire world!

Atheism, Religion, God is Imaginary. There are almost 5000 gods being worshipped by humanity. But don't worry only YOURS is right.

I can imagine, but then I'll just get really pissed off...  - http://holesinthefoam.us/imaginewhatkindofworld/

Atheism, Religion, God is Imaginary, Science, Money. Imagine what kind of world we'd be living in if every cent ever donated to a religion had been donated to scientific and medical research. That's the world religion has stolen from us all.

("Six Feet Under") — It’s a cosmic fate; we’re guilty by virtue of existing. It is characteristic of a religious movement in Greece known as Orphism, where the soul is thought to have fallen from its starhood, we were once stars; stars that long to return to their heavenly origin. And they’re trapped in the body. Soma, Sema. The Greek word for body is soma, and the body is understood as a prison-sema, that entraps us all. The prison of finitude. — The body is the tomb.

Funny pictures about Salvation for dummies. Oh, and cool pics about Salvation for dummies. Also, Salvation for dummies.