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that's right Nintendo took old tech made it prettier and added better graphics and called it the Wii. No really it worked almost the same, sensor bar and everything. games weren't made FOR it though.


How to remember Pokemon type advantages. Ever tried to punch a bird?

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Classic, Super, GameCube, Wii Nintendo controller wall display case for man cave or game room.


Funny Pokemon Picture - Trainer Walking Into The Pokemon Center With Her Giant Onix - WDF?

"If one more Zubat tries to f'ing battle me, I am going to chuck my gameboy at the wall!"

-Zubat prostitutes everywhere (If you've ever played any pokemon game you know the moment you step into a cave your going to be covered in zubats (and the zubat prostitution continues))

Made by Dorkly

Gaming, then and now. I love the Pokemon one at the end. It will ALWAYS be the ultimate gamer question.

I know it will be this way for my son!  College Pokemon

Funny pictures about Pokemon life cycle. Oh, and cool pics about Pokemon life cycle. Also, Pokemon life cycle photos.

good eevee-ning Gentlemon. I am actually making a pikachu with a mustache as an amigurumi and no one liked my snapchat of him saying "i mustache you a question". =(

I choose you, good sir. All the win.<<< I say good sir, you are evolving to a higher society. <<< Proper language is all that matters in life, sir.