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Saw these in Argentina....they tell you not to touch them....but it was sooo hard not to.

Coati "Saw these in Argentina.but it was sooo hard not to.

Zorse I want one

The Zorse is one of a number of equine hybrids that are known as Zebroids, which…

Captured by Indonesian photographer Tanto Yensen, 36, this remarkably laid-back amphibian ...

The hilarious moment two snails give an amphibian a Princess Leia look

The amusing look was captured in Jakarta by Indonesian photographer Tanto Yensen, and the four-year-old dumpy tree frog is actually his pet.

Returning to the Mother Ship

THE MOTHERSHIP HAS LANDED Here you see the rare and elusive mother blarb and her flock of blips hand grenade family portrait

Just an elephant chillin' in his raincoat

In case you're having a bad day.here's a picture of an elephant in a raincoat. An ELEPHANT in a RAINCOAT!

"Hi. I like you :D"

This baby fox was found behind a grocery store unable to open his eyes or move. He is being rehabilitated and the plan is to release him into the wild when he is stronger.


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