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sooooooooo cute!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Stunning photograph of a Flying fox! Endangered - many critically. They are threatened by hunting and habitat destruction. Think before you harm this beautiful creature.

Fruit bat joke

Baby Bats and Buddies of Australia - Larry doing his Count Dracula impression :)

This is gorgeous. I wanna sculpt this good man...

marielikestodraw: “ wryer: “ Ellen June is an artist from Canada who uses air-drying clay, wire, glaze and acrylic paint to create these amazingly beautiful sculptures of fantasy animals.

Ectophylla alba- ghost bats. Cutest bats- they're like cotton ball puffs!

The Honduran White Bat! According to Wikipedia, Honduran White Bats have snow-white fur and a yellow nose and ears. These bats are tiny, only mm long. They live in leaf tents in the rainforest.

Morcego gigante filhote

soooo adorable cute baby animals from thedesigninspirat. cute baby animals Who knew a bat could be cute? i know how you feel.

Divine inspiration flows gently from above in Angel, utterly transcending the ordinary with sublime floral embellishments and a fetchingly full hemline.

Black Midnight Angel Tie-Back Maxi Dress Large

Forever by Amy Brown

Forever by Amy Brown

He's got the look♥

Pit Bull puppy is determined. This reminds me of Lium Nelson from the movie Taken. I will find you and I will Kill You! But in this case I will Find You and I will lick You!