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Mom supervising - a little mini-me! Before we adopted our second cat (rescue from foster home), I'm so glad we got to see him with his mom. He looks exactly like his mom. Although now I wish we'd brought his mom home with us too. They were so connected.

♥♥♥Stop and smell the roses . . . or whatever flower is nearby.♥♥♥

Small Kitten Smelling Flowers Wallpaper for Android, iPhone and iPad

Qui peut venir m'aider ?

Kitten in a tree: hang in there!

<b>The insanely addictive puzzle is 40 this year.</b> Happy Birthday!

It took him

Never seen a cat with a rubix cube?

Kitty :-)

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Talk to the paw, human.

yoga kittens ... Werkt perfect op de molitli gietvloer van echt beton!!! Zelfs de katten worden er blij van:))

Chocolate Coloured Kitty - 8th December 2014

Kittens starting their cat yoga .

My Tale is Awesome | Love Cute Animals

22 Cats With The Most Beautiful And Unique Coat Patterns In The World


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It looks like my warriors cat OC, Halfface or... THE PHANTOM OF THE CAT POST!

It looks like my warriors cat OC, Halfface or... THE PHANTOM OF THE CAT POST!

Fluffy cat on the fence

"It is with the approach of Winter that cats wear their richest fur and assume an air of sumptuous and delightful opulence." --Peter Loti

Norwegian forest cat, Maine coon or siberian cat. Beautiful anyway!

день святого валентина приколы - Google'da Ara

Pretty kitty kitty heart Free Printable Letters For Any Project (A-Z) (So Many Designs and Styles to Choose From) Hug

meowwe can all stop and smell the flowers :) repinned by bluejdesign.co.uk

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Funny pictures about Cat Smelling Dandelion. Oh, and cool pics about Cat Smelling Dandelion. Also, Cat Smelling Dandelion photos.