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lifeisverybeautiful: “ Halnaker by Oliver Andreas Jones ”

Autumn at Halnaker . a tree tunnel in South Downs Natl. Park near an old windmill, Chichester in West Sussex, England -- by Oliver Andreas Jones on

Love the colorful butterfly against the black n white background. It really pops!

Butterfly with Stained Glass Wings colorful beautiful nature butterfly pretty colors rich

Snarled = To growl with a sanpping, gnashing  , or a display of teeth. Eg: Jacob snarled as Desmond grinned creepily at Resnesmee.

Snarled - to growl threateningly or viciously, especially with a raised upper lip to bare the teeth, as a dog. The stranger snarled at Valerie for peering at his mobile phone's screen.

where - oh - where !?

Hunting Island Sc Sunrise Palm A beautiful sunrise over the Atlantic Ocean on October Hunting Island State Park and Campground is a wonderful place to stay a few days and enjoy this serene place. by Dustin K Ryan