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Kenmore Air seaplane moored in the Friday Harbor Marina on San Juan Island.



Supermarine Spitfire

The Spitfire One of The Most Graceful and Beautiful Aircraft of WWII.

"One Down"    P-51 Mustang, World War II, by Ronnie Olsthoorn

"Splash one"."One Down" Mustang, World War II, by Ronnie Olsthoorn


Spitfire during WWII Battle of Britain. Fab shot of the classic Spitfire!

One B52 with two P51s

AirVenture Best of Oshkosh. A trio of Commemorative Air Force World War II beauties over the frigid waters of the English Channel


The Consolidated PBY Catalina was an American flying boat of the and

Catalina. ****************************************** ===> https://de.pinterest.com/leifsson/effercio/

Flying Boats and Seaplanes - PBY we love float planes and amphibian aircraft…

Curtis P-40

Curtiss Warhawk - the plane renowned for it's duty flights in China with the Flying Tigers squadron. The Warhawk was used by most Allied powers during World War II, and remained in frontline service until the end of the war.