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Duck Dynasty

Why Jase & Missy from Duck Dynasty Saved Themselves for Marriage. Jase and Missy Robertson saved themselves for marriage; their Christian values and morals were very important to them throughout their lives.

Men Who Pray. Men who take their hats off when they pray. Even if they have hat hair.

Christian reality star, Duck Commander Phil Robertson leads his family in prayer for the Oklahoma tornado victims. Phils wisdom and teaching of Gods word is truly remarkable

duck commander

Phil Robertson spoke the truth. Seems like no one wants the truth nowadays.

Duck Dynasty

you cant fix a neutered dog.you cant fix garage doors.you can't fix trash.and you cant fix stupid!

I think it's funny that other celebrities can persecute Christians (which is a group of people just like the gays) and they don't get torn down for what they say like Phil.

Funny how you forget to mention that his conversation about homosexuality amounted to grade school level drivel about penises and vaginas, and how gross gay sex is. This weird old man is obsessed with gay sex and needs help.

John Cusack (Vanity Fair)... I'm so tired of the "Jesus hates [insert sinners]". God doesn't hate anyone. And we shouldn't either. Hate the sin. But we are called to love the sinner. Jesus' best friends were prostitutes and tax collectors. We could take a lesson.  - Just another reason to love John Cusack :)

Proust Questionnaire: John Cusack

John Cusack on his hero, in the June Vanity Fair. "Let's go with Jesus…… Thank you, John Cusack.

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Duck Dynasty, this has got to be one of the best captions I've seen yet. Kim and Kanye will be a thing of the past like last year's Duck season! And before Miss Kay get's her last batch of biscuits out of the oven!

The Lord's Prayer

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