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Well, Skyrim is kinda the backside of nowhere for Nirn and still kinda reeling from the combined apocalypses at the end of the previous age, so...

Skyrim Isn't Exactly the Most Splendiferous Province in Tamriel

the imperial city (at least the white-gold tower) was built in the first era by the ayleids, the other cities in cyrodiil/oblivion aren't noticeably advanced compared to skyrim

TREMBLE BEFORE ME SPINLESS HUMANS!!! it is an honor to DIE under the wings of a KING. -King Tywrathon-

frznflame: “ kekai-k: “ Some various Dragon illustration jobs I’ve done over the years ” Don’t fuck with dragons.

Cullen x Inquisitor - Trespasser DLC inspired

Cullen x Inquisitor - Trespasser DLC inspired ((I'd argue this is either Rila and company or Rah and company.

Corypheus I got one question for you -- http://holyshitdragonage.tumblr.com/post/123046132516/kandros-corypheus-i-got-one-question-for-you

I think Corypheus was cross dressing before you came cause it makes sense were he go those horrible shoes or shoe.

dragon by knotlikeyou2 on @DeviantArt

Samurai Dragon design for concept art portfolio sketch by my brother painted in by me Samurai Dragon

Poor Master Dennet... he was recruited to be a horsemaster, and it did not stay that long.

madamebadger: “You know, I always feel a little sorry for Master Dennet. The Inquisitor is like, hey, I need a horse expert! Here is a horse expert! And he comes along to be your horse expert.