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Clouded leopard from ZOO Praha, Czech Republic by Lucia Jiránková - beautiful!

This beautiful creature is being hunted down so I think it needs to be seen in a picture.

when I searched winter walk this popped up and was too great not to post! Winter Walk by Tataxa :)

Mahala Bailey

Funny pictures about Baby tiger and his mother. Oh, and cool pics about Baby tiger and his mother. Also, Baby tiger and his mother photos.

Clouded Leopard

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Clouded Leopard~seldom seen in the wild. The clouded leopard is a cat found from the Himalayan foothills through mainland Southeast Asia into China, and has been classified as Vulnerable in 2008 by IUCN

Newly (2007) discovered leopard species, Bornean clouded leopard oh my! what a beauty! love the markings and colors .

New species of leopard with largest fangs in cat world discovered

Newly discovered leopard species, Bornean clouded leopard or Sunda clouded leopard (Neofelis diardi)

Clouded Leopards (Neofilis nebulosa) sp.: several subspecies Population & Trends: Numbers unknown, but the numbers of this small Asian rainforest leopard species are known to be declining due to illegal hunting and habitat loss.

Sunda clouded leopard (Neofelis diardi), also known as the Sundaland clouded leopard, is a medium-sized wild cat found in Borneo and Sumatra. In it was classified as a separate species, distinct from its continental relative Neofelis nebulosa.