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I feel like doing this after eating chinese

Having grown up near Philadelphia, where this sign was photographed, I can verify that this is sound advice.

Funny Signs and Bizarre Billboards

Warning sign: Beware of.well, just beware.

Funniest road signs

Funny Sign Prison area do not pick up hitchhikers

in Alaska ~ Sean will love this!!

in Alaska ~ Sean will love this!

1974 - speed limit lowered to 55 mph ... It felt like 25 out on those lonely West Texas roads that go on for miles with nothing but pumpjacks.

1974 - speed limit lowered to 55 mph due to gasoline shortages. And now some gov't officials want to raise the highway speed limits to 75 due to a rise in speeding tickets.

Jeez...for realz, right? { You know you're from California when... }

Yet, Cal-Trans is always, always, working on the roads.

Remember to bring wet naps.

I dont eat pussy – adult ecard

Haha there is a town right next to us called Climax! This may actually be the sign cuz I think it's exit

I scream, you scream......rofl as my kids are all grown now! funny signs;

"Scream until Daddy stops the car" - Well played DQ, well played.

so true...just come to my house :)

You Know You're From Michigan When. My Yooper family LIVES in the middle of nowhere!

What if my anti-gravity boots are clean?

Caution Sign: Danger Do not Walk on Ceiling

Lol. So me!

Aunty Acid - Australia's version of Maxine - back for some more humor.

I was wondering how long it would be before this liquor store in Peabody, MA made the internet.  |  Funny Signs

Hilarious Liquor Store Names [Pictures]


4 wheel drive haha this is awesome

if you see this sign... dont ask for directions... you cant get here from there.. lizard lick NC

Lizard Lick is an unincorporated community in Wake County, North Carolina, USA.

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Sapp Brothers Water Tower - Omaha, Nebraska- you always know you are home or close to it when you see it!

A truck stop water tower shaped like a coffee pot.