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Sometimes I can't even tell if I speak English or German my brain can't distinguish at times LOL!

Besides English (my mother tongue) I am prefectly bilingual in French and speak German and Spanish though out of practise at the moment, and dabble in Italian. It only takes me anfew days to pick up enough of a language to get by.

One thing I can check off my bucketlist!

i think i can definitely check this off the list. i drank a lot of wine in italy. a whole lot.



I think I've danced in the rain. played in the rain. but i don't think I've ever sung in the rain!

Have my father walk me down the isle.

When my dad died, I thought he won't be able to walk me down the aisle, but I honored if my step dad would do me the honors of walking me down the aisle. That is what my dad would want. I love you daddy!

definitely wanna do this! and if i have children, i wanna plan a tree when they're born, so that the two will grow together! :D

I want to plant a tree with each of my children and take them to visit it on their birthday each year until they are 18

Not in the desert. I want to own my own camel to ride.

Done that! Rode a camel at the Calgary zoo. When I was little my mom took me a lot, and one day there were camel rides for some reason.

Bucket List Before I Die Scare people out of their minds!!!

I must read these things wrong or something. I read it "Float in the dead sea before I die" as in that I'm going to die when I float in the dead sea.


i teach surf camp in the summer. no one walks away saying they didnt have fun surfing