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Rising Tide - Juliste - Sherlock

Rising Tide - Juliste - Sherlock


Because until the new season starts, the fandom will continue to make everything about Sherlock. I did the math: that's 43 years, 203 days, 1 hour, and 30 minutes.

I want Sherlock to love me!!

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This si so true! My husband hates just about everyone and I have no clue why he loves me.and that makes it amazing.

You will never convince me Sherlock isn't in love with John for exactly that reason.

And when Molly tried to imply he only cared about John's opinions/concerns he quickly let her know she always counted too. So all we've really learned from this is, when pressed, he will be considerate of peoples emotions.

The script didn't call for it, but you can see how relaxed these two are. ❤️

The thing that most american sherlockians don't realize is, in England "trousers" are "pants", and "pants" are "underwear". John isn't talking about Sherlock's pants he's talking about his underwear. One of my favorite scenes.