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A great way to release stress at the office.

The Dismember-Me Plush Zombie begs to be torn limb from limb. After all he is a re-animated corpse turned into irresistible cuddly plush. Keep your teddy bears under close guard tonight because undead plush have come back from hell to walk the earth.

zombie car stickers

Zombie family stickers - awesome The only stick figure car decals I endorse

Hahahaha awesome!

Artificial Life: The Zombies are Already Here Paul Markel © 2012 According to every Hollywood movie I’ve seen, zombies are flesh-eaters with the prime delicacy being the brains.

Family Car Decals For Zombies $10

Family Car Decals For Zombies

Show off your family pride with some humor with the zombie family car decals. Every member of the family from mom and dad to the family goldfish are represented in a gruesome style that depicts them as brain hungering zombies!

Not only have i changed my life style to become healthy and fit,also to be ready. :) lol..

Funny Zombies Women's Classic T-Shirt

I HATE Easter, but I think I would love it if I got this. It really should be a holiday focusing on things that rise from the dead, like zombies.

Why is chocolate zombie bunny on the worst Easter gifts list? Zombie bun is awesome! This is something Boyer probably has in her Easter basket.

Totally finding these for that "10 year wedding" my wife keeps asking me about.....

Aw zombies for wedding toppers!

Lmao. He shouldn't have been such an butthole.

Husband Starts Arguing With His Wife But Her Response Is Hilarious funny jokes story lol funny quote funny quotes funny sayings joke hilarious humor stories marriage humor funny jokes this is wrong my book personally but also a good come back

Zombies... baha I need a family pic like this!

baha I need a family pic like this!