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kiss in a snowstorm


(CHECK) Me and My Big sister saw one at the same time in the park Let's just say we were oober excited about it Lol

A really awesome list of 225 things to do before you die. I've done quite a few of these already, but many more on here I'd love to do, and a few that just don't catch my attention.  Good read!

A really awesome list of 225 things to do before you die. The Ultimate Bucket List.

move to the country... Away from people!

-move to the country. been here all my life, will experience city life throughout college, then wish to be back in the country somewhere someday.

My friend Krystal did this....amazing stories!

Hike the entire Appalachian trail. I did a mile the whole trail would be amazing

Did and done; and haven't talked to him since. Just the way it should be.

hahaha, summer between and grade.done. Can I have a better summer fling with my almost husband next summer?

Before I Die. This is the one thing that I HAVE to do before I die

On my bucket list :: visit Australia and scuba dive in the Great Barrier Reef [this would mean overcoming my intense fear of sharks]

Hahaha fun times

CHECK ✔ Too many times to count. Not fond of that feeling.


Plan Your Honeymoon in Bora Bora

How to Plan Your Honeymoon in Bora Bora. Bora Bora is a small French Polynesian island in the Pacific ocean, located northwest of Tahiti. Because of its warm climate and paradisiacal landscape, the island is a popular spot for.