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Surround yourself with those who see the greatness within you

Surround yourself with people who inspire and motivate you to keep going in life, those are called true friends

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"It's this simple. You are not meant to fit in. you were born to stand out & be stunning & shining & free." by Sullywatt

I wish Einstein was here to speak on the standardized testing and teacher accountability issues we are facing. I'm certain I know what side he'd fall on.

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"Things may come to those who wait. But only the things left by those who hustle." ~ Abraham Lincoln. quote

Things may come to those who wait but only the things left by those who hustle - Abraham Lincoln. I had to look this up to see if it was real.

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Respond to every call that excites your spirit, Rumi, May my life be filled with this immediate response to things that fuel the passions.

snob: UH-HUH, HONEY.

Replace fear of the unknown with curiosity [quote / photograph]

too much fun!

Although I'd love to have more can you have a good time if you're constantly on your phone taking pictures and posting them?

Fake It Till You Make It: This reminds me of college choir. :)

this quote has pushed me through some crazy stuff. thing is, when you're faking it with a smile on your face, enduring, you actually end up smiling. and, it's a true smile. our children know this life lesson very well.

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Don't give up, stay determined! Keep at it and you will see positive changes taking place. Those who keep their determination, make it to where they want to be!