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Ragdolls have a unque trait known as Ragdoll Flop.they are floppy. When you pick them up, they are limp. Flop is a genetic factor and is passed on by floppy parents to their kittens.

Beautiful eyes....

Maggie, the little tuxedo girl, foster kitten from Tonis Kitten Rescue: She knows exactly how to melt our hearts.

> 'w' ....and then I turn and then....

A Kitten on a skateboard . Your argument is inva. Why would you argue with a kitten on a skateboard .

Cats purr when they’re happy, you know, just give your cat some chin scratches, and hear that purr engine start.

Feeling Cruddy? Grab Your Kitty And Feel The Healing Power Of Cat Purrs

When a cat chooses you, it is pure joy.Yes, this is my person!

✌️sweater weather

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They spend most of their day sleeping, so it is no wonder that cats end up in funny sleeping positions.

In case of hard day, apply floor to the face…I really know how this much tired feels! I love this

In case of hard day, apply floor to the face…

I love when kitties sleep on their faces!- My cat does this all the time and it's adorable!

dem paws...i want to put them in my mouth!!!!!!!!! OMG sooooooo cute ♥

dem paws

Whoever did this little menagerie of kitten paws must be connected to my soul. I love paws. <<< kitten paws are good fur the soul

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