IKEA - SPRIDA, LED spotlight, , This spotlight creates a playful atmosphere and makes your child feel as if they’re on stage.Uses LEDs, which consume up to 85% less energy and last 20 times longer than incandescent bulbs.You can angle the light in any direction by adjusting the legs.It also works as a projector. Your child can easily change pictures and project any image they like on the wall.No assembly required.

Swedish Design Ikea SPRIDA LED spotlight - IKEA colouredlamp you choose which colour setting for your Mood.

IKEA - NIPPRIG 2015, Floor cushion, Handmade by skilled craftspeople, which makes every product unique.The cushion is reversible and has two identical sides to use.

NIPPRIG 2015 Floor cushion IKEA Handmade by skilled craftspeople, which makes every product unique.


IKEA PS PENDEL Floor clock, black

ANTIFONI Work lamp - IKEA  $29.99 something like this maybe?

IKEA - ANTIFONI, Work lamp, You can easily direct the light where you want it because the lamp arm and head are adjustable.Provides a directed light that is great for reading.


Salvage Savvy: Create a Tree Branch Candle Chandelier - could adjust the idea slightly for different seasons too

Den nätta IKEA PS 2014 sekretären är en liten skönhet med plats för mycket skönheter! Klassisk i...

PS beautybox (IKEA Sverige - Livet Hemma)

IKEA - ÄPPLARÖ/HÅLLÖ, Sofa combination, By combining different seating sections you can create a sofa in a shape and size that perfectly suits your deck or garden.You can make your sofa even more comfortable and add a personal touch by complementing with loose pillows in different sizes and colors.

ÄPPLARÖ Loveseat, outdoor, brown brown stained, Hållö beige beige

IKEA ÄPPLARÖ/HÅLLÖ sofa, outdoor Brown stained/beige cm By combining different seating sections you can create a sofa in a shape and.

Banana Leaf Floor Basket

Banana Leaf Floor Basket

KVISSLE Cable management box IKEA Charge your devices and hide the chargers and cords under the lid.

KVISSLE Cable management box, cork, white

IKEA - KVISSLE, Cable management box, Charge your mobile and player and hide the charger and extension lead under the lid.Hole for cables in the lid and on the short sides.Raised base with vents to lead heat away from the chargers.

I'm in love with a... DIY Toilet Paper Holder by @themerrythought! #modern #diyproject

DIY Toilet Paper Holder