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#papercraft #scrapbook #layout. Layout Love | May 20th edition

Layout Love

Favorite Layout: Love this layout and how the colors and embellishments all match in a rainbow design. But I also love how there is still lots of white space and not too much color. You color my world by ptitmanue at

You must be courageous enough to venture into the unknown to find hidden beauty, but it is always worth the journey. ℰ.ℐ. [Art credit: Its my world by Goff Kitsawad]

Top 10 Amazing Photos Of The Beautiful Nature

Its my world by Goff Kitsawad on beautiful blue night sky galaxy and stars, space, universe

use a similar system in the laundry closet to organize seasonal things (sports, swim stuff, craft project)

hang baskets with wider width facing outward for less depth. Hanging Laundry baskets rock my world. In the laundry room w/o closet tho. Jason could figure it out!

You Color My World...                                                       …

You Color My World... (I'm in Haven)

The new Ranger colored Enamel Accents are SO COOL! I absolutely love the black and white enamel accents, but when Ranger recently came .

Painting my World: Pastel Demo...Landscape on Homemade Surface  Karen Margulis

Painting my World: Pastel Demo.Landscape on Homemade Surface Karen Margulis - textured surface for pastels

_||_ <-my best attempt at praying hands. Wishing that the only one who makes me happy beyond belief has returned to my life.  The Civil Wars lyrics for Birds of a Feather --> "Oh, aren't we a pretty, pretty pair? Yes, we are. All, all the king's horses And all of his men Couldn't tear us apart" I wish. I hope. I pray that we wind up together & stay together forever till we're old & gray & get reincarnated as birds - I love you for eternity after <3<3<3

The Real Meaning Of Things We Say

Graphic designer Sam Omo (aka DOWNSIGN) explores the meanings of words in his ongoing series of playful illustrations. Using a combination of idioms,

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Golden puppy Soooooooo cute I know this sounds really wrong but I want to eat that puppy up he is so cute Mais a girls best friend