Free and Funny Pets Ecard: I just want to be a stay-at-home cat mom;

Oh you think I am a crazy bipolar physco path you should meet my mother!

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Ha! Me lol

Free and Funny Confession Ecard: Sure, I walk around the house naked with the blinds open. If you're peeking in my window, your punishment is seeing me naked. Joke's on you, motherfucker.

**I had a C-section - but still find this quite hilarious as both my kids were covered in EWE!!**

I love it when I do something and my kid goes "ewwwwww mommy". Um child - I pushed you out of my vagina covered with all my insides. You are "eww".


Its hotter today than a horny housewife reading 50 Shades of Grey at the Magic Mike premiere.


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face wash commercials!

Dear Face Wash Commercials, Nobody actually splashes their face with water like that. Sincerely, My bathroom is sopping wet now.

Meet at the Barre: Humpday Confessions- A Link Up

White wine has the lowest calories, with still a good amount of alcohol for a nice buzz!which kind pairs with pizza rolls?

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Free and Funny Thinking Of You Ecard: So last night I was reading in the book of Numbers, and then I realized, I don't have yours. lines