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My sis thought that was his name until the end second disc of The Two Towers extended version when she " blah blah Froyo blah blah." ( I forget what she said) and I'm sitting there Soka moment ( smacks forehead)

10 Fresh College Memes. #7 University Essay Writing Skills.

I have check with little poodles on them!

I Have Checks With Little Poodles On Them!

Fun fact- the cast didn't know what Johnny Depp was going to say when he yells "I've got a jar of dirt" and you can see one man look over to the camera man with a confused look

When I first saw this movie i was legitimately confused about this. About half way through I had to remind myself Orlando Bloom only had one role haha

So true! I had to look up who Orlando Bloom played to make sure he didn't play Bard AND Legolas.


Legless Lego Legolas - another awesome quote by Martin Freeman

Of all the hair tutorials out there done by beautiful girls who are just dying to show everyone just how fabulous their head is....this girl stands alone. And she is the most fabulous thing I have ever seen. by foxadeello

This Is How To Braid Your Hair Into A Gimli Beard-- This is awesome. Your hair color and length and texture would be perfect. :) <<this makes me want to have long hair😆

Pitch Perfect; <3 love this part, probably the reason why I fell in love with the movie so much

As a German I have to say that that's false. Father in German means Vater. Vader is the Dutch word. And Dutch is NOT German.

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Bahahaha Thranduil is born with it :p Hair competition between Disney and Elves. XD ~ Samantha Morton /// The Hobbit / Lord of the Rings / Disney / Legolas / Thranduil / Funny / Fabulous

There may come a day when I do not repin this, BUT IT IS NOT THIS DAY! This day I pin!

More interesting lord of the rings facts.

more times than possible i have done this....and did i mention that my mom superglued her finger to a rat skull once??? loonnggg story....

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