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Aava- parivuoteen päiväpeite 260x260cm

Aava- parivuoteen päiväpeite 260x260cm

Döden lampa - Olsson & Gerthel

Döden lampa - Olsson & Gerthel

Wrought Iron Ornament Series

A set of 11 exquisitive and very clean ornamental designs.

Roeland otten-alphabet chairs-2

ABChairs by Roeland Otten

Roeland otten-alphabet chairs-2

la leggerezza del design

Light - Trunk To Think A container of soft light, ideal for enjoying your surroundings. Handmade with reused wood. Measures: 40 x 30 x 15 cm.

Forge salers - Ferronnerie d'art, artisan forgeron, fer forgé

Laser cut screen or mylar divider ideas to frame & hang from the ceiling on chains, IKEA style.

Pöördtool chair - Marinemine

This armchair by Mati Karmin is actually a repurposed Soviet marine mine. Whilst perhaps not the most appealing of furniture for some tastes, you can't deny that it would make for an interesting conversation piece.

The Kenwood HM326 Hand Mixer http://kitchentechzone.com/kenwood-hm326-hand-mixer-review/

The Kenwood Hand Mixer from comes with 3 dedicated speeds for folding, mixing and whisking.