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Ahhh, nothing like beer and BBQ.  Note to self: No matter how funny you think it will be,  it is impossible to flip a steak with a lightsaber. They just get sliced up and fall down into the coals.

Who needs charcoal when you have a lightsaber

Star Wars Art, Darth Vader Grillin' at the Backyard BBQ, with tshirt saying 'who's yer daddy?


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"So there I was..."

I'm going to miss Brian Williams during his hiatus. He always had the most entertaining stories.

grumpy cat meme | grumpy-cat-meme1

Luke, Grumpy Cat doesn't care to vote for Darth Vader for President. he's also not fond of Lady Thor.

God creating Animals

God creating Animals

God creating Animals Part 1 You had the chance to call the thing at the bottom a hippotato and you didn't take it.

I actually love her! I've been subscribed for about 2 years and I've watched all her videos and so should you!

Shirley Curry