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Mes images Ereri-Riren du Jour - 27/09/2016


I have a feeling Levi would be a good singer, seen as he has a lot to write about.

Can I say both?....well if both isnt an option id probably say yes to Levi...wait but Eren....No..Uea i'd say Levi...But Eren...Actually I'd say Eren...Wait no.....Levi....Oh but Eren.....Well fuck. BOTH. I SAY BOTH. SCREW ALL OF YOU.

<<< This actually hard because I have an actual crush on both of them but I have to choose Levi.

Cute huh?

OH MY LORD, SNK X PRODUCE 101 ok idk anything about the other thing in this crossover, but these boys look really cute and happy and happy Eren always makes me happy :)

What the fuck my life is great and fuck yours for wasting it with your stupidness. Stop asking if I'm okay, if I'm alright. The truth is in my eyes. Can't you see? Are you blind? Almost everyone I've ever cared about has died in my life

shingeki no Kyojin, Rivaille Levi, Lance Corporal Levi, Rivai Heichō, Attack on Titan

Levi - Shingeki no kyojin

Rivaille Levi, shingeki no kyojin, attack on titan - Do you accept his cup of coffee? Y-yes, Levi Heichou OwO