Oh, hey Ryan Reynolds. Why you got to be so hot? the perfect abs!


Chris Hemsworth Shirtless - The Mighty Thor - Perfect Body ---- Sexy Guys: Wow Chris Hemsworth sure knows how to please the crowds. He's very pleasing to my eye

Magic Mike - doesn't matter what it's about- could be a silent movie for all I care.

This may be my favorite Hey Girl ever. Combines a great quote, Ryan Gosling, and hips.

And they NEVER will!

Joe Manganiello can take his clothes off anytime! Sexy Alcide on True Blood. Love him shirtless! His abs!


Ryan Reynolds, I'm giving in to my true feelings for this handsome hunk.

Pessoas e animais inspiração

Ryan Reynolds' dog Baxter looks a lot like Lola which means we're meant to be together.

He is the Channing to my Tatum lol

Channing Tatum - Boyfriend of the Week #atozchallenge