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Moomin Mugs, discontinued. Waaah! By Arabia, Finland.

Moomin mug Love, pink

Children and adults alike fall in love with the sympathetic characters of Moomin Valley as created by the author Tove Jansson. The Arabia artist Tove Slotte has designed the delightful Moomin objects in keeping with the original drawings.

Moomin Mug Christmas Winter Games Arabia 2011 @ ebay.com

Moomin Mug Christmas Winter Games Arabia 2011

MUURLA Moomin Photophore en forme de maison 7 3 dl la tasse émaillée Muurla http://www.amazon.fr/dp/B00OZXY7DO/ref=cm_sw_r_pi_dp_nhFYvb08HQP35

Moomins on The Riviera enamel mug the Moominhouse by Muurla design Finland

Moominmamma mug features illustrations by Tove Slotte and it shows Moominmamma arranging for a party. Moominmamma mug was released together with the Moominpappa mug and they go really well together.Vuonna 2014 julkaistussa Muumimamma-mukissa on Tove Sloten kuvitus, jossa Muumimamma järjestää juhlia. Muki julkaistiin yhdessä Muumipappa-mukin kanssa ja ne sopivatkin mahtavasti yhteen.Den Muminmamma-muggen av Arabia från år 2014 bär illustrationer av Tove Slotte och den visar Muminmamma som…

Moominmamma mug apricot by Arabia

Collectable ever loveable Moomin mamma mug, fresh and bright and with gorgeous images of the ever busy Moominmamma, just like our own. A culpa will always make you smile in a Moomin mug!

Iittala - Mumi krus Tofslen og Vifslen

By Arabia Mumi krus Tofslen og Vifslen

Moomin Mug Tiuhti Viuhti Thingumy & Bob Arabia Finland

Keksdose "Kleine My" - Mummins

Mumin Fest Keksdose-2,2 Liter

Store and serve your cookies in this beautiful cookie jar from Arabia that comes with a Moomin motif that suits everyone! Or give away as a valued gift to all Moomin lovers.