Rider-of-Death by James Nathan -- Rather reminds me of Terry Pratchett's character Death.

Rider of death

darkestdee: “ Original: Rider of Death by James Nathan Dee’s b/w Edit ”

death grim reaper Father Time scythe maid girl woman dance danse macabre skull skeleton

"This mentality is the Father of all fear, hatred, and sorrow. And “the beast” is any person functioning in this mentality.


reaper when u see this fucker its because hes coming 4 ur ass so be nice lol.

When I look into your eyes  It's like watching the night sky  Or a beautiful sunrise  Theres so much they hold  And just like them old stars  I see that you've come so far  To be right where you are  How old is your soul?

Make a Dark Statue with Tentacles Photo Manipulation In Photoshop. The Shadow Man in my dreams

(Acrylic on wood) 30cm x 40cm 13-10-01

Skull Dark art ~Gothic Art --this shows death but one who is holding on to hope (the firefly)

creepy doll

Ghost Art Doll created by Shain Erin. It's handmade and is 8 inches tall. Is it odd that I find this less creepy than a regular china doll?

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