2ct Cushion peach champagne sapphire in 14k rose by EidelPrecious, $2000.00....So unique...love, love, love it!!

Cushion peach champagne sapphire in rose by EidelPrecious, WAY TOO BIG but I love the peach champagne color in the rose

2.56ct Square Cushion Rose Peach Champagne by EidelPrecious, $2700.00

balance Square Cushion Peach Champagne Sapphire rose gold diamond Engagement Rings by Eidelprecious

Jasmine sapphire in 14k rose gold diamond by EidelPrecious on Etsy

Cushion jasmine green/champagne sapphire with a rose gold diamond set ring.This would be my dream engagement ring.

dream engagement ring.

Cushion peach champagne sapphire in rose gold diamond ring via Etsy. round Peach sapphire Champagne sapphire by EidelPrecio.

»Peach Champagne #Sapphire #Ring 14k Rose Gold

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prettyy  ☺  ✿  ✿

Cushion raspberry peach champagne sapphire rose gold diamond ring engagement ring the most beautiful ring I have ever seen!

Rose gold engagement ring

Certified Peach Pink Champagne Square Cushion Sapphire Diamond Halo Engagement Ring Rose Gold Um hell yes!

never knew peach champagne sapphires existed :: this is my wedding ring thank you

Cushion Cut Peach Sapphire ring in rose gold. Peach Sapphire with Rose gold- pretty combo.