This is in reference to a child's song called little kittens" The 3 little kittens lost their mittens and their mother refused to give them pie. When they found their mittens the mother then allowed them to have their pie!

Everyone loves a few good cat pictures to laugh at. Here are some funny cat pictures with captions to LOL at. These are guaranteed to make you laugh.

Kitty and the invisible things.  OMG! Hilarious!!!!

Kitty and the invisible things.

Kitty and the invisible things. (invisible window installation made me laugh)

Cat Owners Will Understand

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This isn't even remotely funny ;-) lol - This isn’t even remotely funny ;

Neighborhood Watch Program

Neighborhood Watch Program (sam would totally do this if I moved his cat tree closer to the window! Afraid he would get stuck in the blinds.

I don't care what they broke #Cat, #Funny, #FunnyAnimal

I don’t care WHAT they broke. Don’t you DARE yell at my little marshmallows.

Funny Animal Pictures With Captions. @Christopher Stowe Stowe Stowe Stowe Ondrusek

By All Means Proceed. - Laid Back Cat Has No Problem with You Using Toilet ---- best hilarious jokes funny pictures walmart humor fail

Poor Cat

Let me play you a song called, "There Is No Food In My Bowl! It's the song of my people.