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This describes me so well. I can't even hate him when I should. Even though he is a liar, I can't see any of the bad times because the good times are always clouding my mind. Story of my life.

Doesn't this sound like a letter you've wanted to send at some point in your life?

I hope one day you will realize I did truly care for you. I promise you're gonna miss me being there, putting up with you, refusing to give up on you. but you'll miss me when I become priceless to another. (Please read the entire quote.

I still love you, but fuck you.

That is your own fault. So fuck you for treating me like shit and for lying to me every time you opened your mouth.

Thank you for making whiskey words and a shovel a success. We are currently #2 in both American #poetry and African American poetry via #Amazon. I appreciate all the positive energy surrounding this project. I get the opportunity to share my thoughts with you and also sit beside some of the greatest writers of all time. I have a long way to go but its been an exciting journey.  Whiskey Words and a Shovel is now available via #Amazon and #barnesandnoble

Not knowing where you stand in someone's life is slow emotional death. The longer you hold on, the more numb you become.

regret regret regret

I love him with all my life and he's gonna regret losing my love. he's gonna regret not hearing those words from me. He's gonna regret it when he sees I'm not gonna sulk around. I'm gonna live my life and have fun


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I just miss you in general.

I miss you -_- since you have a boyfriend: you're different, you didn't have enough time to talk with me. still waiting for you, I feel like my life is. Now I'm missing my best friend.