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There are monsters, and it's okay to be afraid of them, but it's not okay to let them win, and it's not okay to be one. - 'Criminal Minds' quote about monsters

Some people grow up to become serial killers. Some grow up to catch them.  Aaron Hotchner, Criminal Minds

It heavily implied that Hotch was abused as a child, and as horrific as child abuse is, I really wish they had explored more of that or dropped more hints (other than Hotch being more worked up than usual over child abuse cases).

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I know this is from Criminal Minds but it reminds of "Shut Up and Listen".hosted by Lily Moscovitz

Birds sing after a storm. Why shouldn't people feel as free to delight in whatever sunlight remains to them-- Rose Kennedy said by Jason Gideon

Said by Jason Gideon. Criminal Minds has some of the best quotes at the beginning and ends of their episodes

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It was once said that love is giving someone the ability to destroy you, but trusting them not to. - Criminal Minds quote from"I love you Tommy

Throwing stones-

You can only let someone throw so many stones at you before you pick them all up, put them together and build a wall to keep them from doing it again. ~ Makes life much easier. This is so true. Point well taken, and yes I agree!

http://igg.me/at/thebounceback/x/2890870 Shemar Moore's "The Bounce Back" Campaign Criminal Minds

Reid I just gave the bartender my number in Roman numerals. If she figures it out, it's worth a shot.