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Extreme shoes - external steel heel - see more here http://www.indiatimes.com/lifestyle/style/will-you-ever-wear-these-cringeworthy-heels-227992.html

This shoe looks like a spider that lost its other creepy crawlers, not sure how well it would walk.

Oh. My. Goodness! Would you just look at these heels! Where can we get our pair?!

See all the accessories, jewelry, shoes, purses, and more detail photos from the Christian Dior Fall 2011 Couture fashion show.

interesting or disturbing? I would never wear these but I thought they were weird and I had to repost this

One foot in the grave: The bizarre shoes made from dead animals

Designer creates shoes made from real dead animal parts, Berlin,

Roller heels! For when I play Dorothy in the disco skate version of The Wizard of Oz.

Red Glitter Dorothy Heel Roller Skates - for your roller skate board.) I would totally skate in these.

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Walmart called — Your Photos Are Ready

This guy is wearing ski boots.Polar bear on vacation? Check the rest. Hilariously horrible photography gone way way to far wrong.

creative shoes

Most Amazing Photos from the World Cultures: 47 Awesome and Unusual Shoes


For a good laugh, and a little head scratching confusion, check out the ugliest shoes of all time!

la casa encantada

Here are some bizarre shoes--- Just in time for Hurricane Ike. These are so Mother Hubbard.I'd actually wear them. They're from the Pendragon Boot Company.

Rat Haircut - 15+ Of The Craziest Haircuts Ever.

Rat Haircut

We are sharing most Weird Hairstyles. 15 most crazy, weird, strange, funny and worst hairdo you will never want to try. No doubt they all are very creative

<b>Sometimes pain is beauty.</b> And sometimes fashion designers are criminally insane. Just sayin' y'all.

30 Insane High Heels That Will Make Your Feet Hurt

12 weird and crazy high heel shoes that will make your feet hurt. The high heels made of money is definitely our favorite though.

I clearly need one of these. The Ostrich Pillow is the Rich Man’s Hoodie | 16 Nap Hacks So You Can Siesta Any Time At Any Place

The Ostrich Pillow is the Rich Man's Hoodie

For when you have a migraine! The Ostrich Pillow let's you take power naps on the go! Is it awful that I can totally see myself using all the time even in public? Is it even more terrible that I'm seriously considering buying one? Ill be THAT GIRL.

29967787_scarpe-assurde-jeffrey-campbell-crea-un-paio-di-zeppe-con-barbie-decapitate-6.png 300×308 pixel

Jeffrey Campbell Stride Bright, Stride Far Wedge. Whether youre spending a night on the town or a day at the mall, youll feel like a star in these Icy wedges from Jeffrey Campbell!

The UggCrocVibram makes a grown man cry, but not in the good way like Sweet Cherry Pie. :'(

Now you can wear all of the world's ugliest shoes at the same time! Uggs, Crocs and those weird toe shoes.