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Regine Ramseier, a German artist, created a ‘Dandelion Ceiling.’ 2000 dandelion flowers were treated and sprayed with a gentle adhesive to fix them. The dandelions were then transported by car to a little white room where they were hung.

Variegated Peoargoniums aka Geraniums

I can remember why I bought this Geranium (or Pelargonium). I love it's multicolored foliage. (Geranium or Pelargonium sp.

moon dust / spencer finch

Spencer Finch, Moon Dust (Apollo 150 light fixtures and 417 incandescent bulbs. The hanging light piece represents precisely the chemical composition of moon dust, that was analyzed.

the green house by 한경우 Kyoungwoo Han

Green House by Kyungwoo Han."It’s truly amazing what Korean artist Kyung Woo Han has done with some old furniture, an empty room, the most lovely shade of green paint, and just a touch of optical illusion"

d w e l l i n g s

Light installation by artist Daniele Buetti. Would be a great alternative to a corner lamp or even a chandelier.

daniele buetti light installation

I feel as though I could stand here and get filled up with light on a dark day of the soul. 😍😍😍 this would be perfect to light up my days

Mirror Installment Art

**the idea of lots of small items clustered on strings at varying heights in a swooping continuous curve from one side of the club to the other** Hang photos of the first year of school as the Arts Night community installation art making activity


Su Blackwell’s paper dress installation, While You Were Sleeping (it makes me think of the end of Tim Burton's "Corpse Bride")

Regine Ramseier - INSTALLATIONEN

Regine Ramseier - INSTALLATIONEN