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i mayy alreadyyy!!!

I love flannels. I'm making a flannel scrap hippie skirt. taking me a bit to collect all the colors :)

Please? Bucket List Idea Seven


Yes I'm sixteen and have not kissed anyone. Don't judge me! I want it to be special.

I have been on one once, but I'd love to go on another one (and actually remember it!)

go on a disney cruise. The hubby went on one when he was a kid. I hope to take the kids someday!


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I don't need easy, just need possible!


Bucket List:: graduate college ABD high school with We'll see about that.so hard.

Visit All Fifty States (33 To Go)

I have Michigan Ohio Indiana Illinois Missouri Alabama Tennessee Kentucky West Virginia Virginia Pennsylvania Maryland Washington, D. Washington North Carolina South Carolina Georgia Florida New York New Jersey Delaware Nevada California Texas Arizona

Become a hairstylist- Need to go back to another cosmetology school & finish so I can get licensed

i AM a hairstylist - but this year i'll be one according to the state of Texas.



bucket list: live in an apartment with my significant other - DONE!

Life is made to live, take an adventure, the road least traveled, explore

I am definitely a gypsy. I need not a set place to live. I just want to travel

Totally going to do this when I move out and get the $$$$$$$$

Before I die - Adopt a teacup yorkie. Coop is the sweetest little one I could ever hope for!

Attended Mike and Cesar's wedding on 4/5/14…I love seeing people in love! <3

Ok so like I would totally love this but here's the problem I don't really have a say in the matter in less it's my own so while this is more is a wish list sort of thing I hope it happenes