Architect Bjarne Mastenbroek of architectural firm SeARCH and Architect Christian Muller to design VillaVals which is under hill in Vals village Switzerland

Außergewöhnliche Häuser #2

beautiful Cascades, Glacier National Park, Montana Conch Shell House, Isla Mujeres, Mexico Snow Canyon State Park - Photograph by Audrey Liv.


Strange Houses, Weird Houses, Unusual Houses & Homes from Around the World - design:related forums. Talk about trusting a tree.

This is just incredible! From Home Design! Um please!?!

Article source: Bercy Chen Studio Shore Vista Boat House is located on a bend in Lake Austin across from Canyonland Nature Preserve in Austin, Texas. The site is suggestive of the elliptical form that maximizes the beautiful views of the undulating .

Casa hecha en la roca, construida hace 700 años, Irán #InspirationIsEverywhere #DesignYourLife #1008designs #tenoeightdesigns

Unique, Fascinating and Interesting Property

700 year old Iranian Home. Allegedly, these homes in Iran, carved out of solid rock, were built on the order of 700 years ago and are still inhabited by people who have given them modern touches (you know, the little things like and electricity)

//I would live there!

This building is called the "Fab Lab House". It is an eco friendly house using solar pannels to create enegry and timber to keep warmth. I feel it demonstrates how wood can be used within architexture showing curve and texture.


Funny pictures about Gravity defying floating house. Oh, and cool pics about Gravity defying floating house. Also, Gravity defying floating house photos.

Mirror House, Copenhagen - MLRP Address: Copenhagen Central park at: Blegdamsvej/Frederik

Mirror House by MLRP. Great project at Copenhagen Central Park by Danish-American based architects MLRP. The reflective pavilion was created as part of the new Interactive Playground Project in Copenhagen.

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Unique, Fascinating and Interesting Property


This would be a great staircase down to the basement! I love how each step is lit. The Granite Staircase at Fort Camden, Cork Harbour, Ireland. Photo and caption by Joleen Cronin via Makomi Yamashita.


The Turtle House, Gobi Desert, Mongolia. I'm not sure what the Turtle House is used for bit I would love to go in side and have a look around :)

The Garcia House by John Lautner, located on Mulholland Drive close to Runyon in Los Angeles, California.

The North Elevation: Classic Spaces: John Lautner: Garcia Residence a. The Rainbow House: Los Angeles