Just when I thought there was nothing clever left to find in this fandom this shows up and slays me! took me a bit to get it but wow!

Mycroft ~ Do not shoot Sherlock Holmes!

My heart broke when I saw this. Mycroft was always the strong character who never showed such emotions and then we see him with so much panic in his eyes because he is afraid of losing Sherlock :'(

Haha, it's true, I doubt any other officer would be willing to work with Sherlock.

Hudson by throwing a man out the window. Lestrade: "And exactly how many times did he fall out the window?" Sherlock: "It's all a bit of a blur, detective inspector. I lost count." Also that Lestrade is the least irritating officer lol


Part of me wonders if Sherlock chose John because he knew Mycroft would suffer. That caption lol. I swear, John's sass reaches an ultimate level every single time he's around Mycroft haha.

Ben and martin

Funny pictures about An adorable picture. Oh, and cool pics about An adorable picture. Also, An adorable picture.



Happy Birthday - Sherlock BBC "The Lying Detective" (4x02) - John and Sherlock

Sherlock series 4 episode 2 "The Lying Detective""I'm going to make a deduction. If it's right, you're gonna be honest and tell me, ok? Happy Birthday" - John, Mary and

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Imagine if this was actually Sherlock, John and Mary though. And it's the only picture of Sherlock that John has of him smiling. Watson your face?

"Are you always trying to annoy me by always talking about Sherlock?" "God no. I am trying to recruit you."

I think my friends hate me… but it's okay since I've got Sherlock and the fandom…

Hahahaha nononon

"We're laughing but we're also dead inside." The most true statement ever. Everyone i meet is always like "only three episodes a season?" And i'm like "Yes, each 90 mins long and heart wrenching at the end of a season.

Oh my GAWD! I laughed way to hard at this!!! Shame though, Martin isn't THAT bad. If anything he's pretty badass

Oh my GAWD! I laughed way to hard at this! Shame though, Martin isn't THAT bad. If anything he's pretty badass <<< martin is the best