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lovveeit: “ Uvarovite, a rare mineral often confused with Emerald for its deep green colour ”

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What is the geologic time scale timeline drawing by Ray Troll. Great site for helping students understand the time scale!

We think of deep red when we think of garnets but they come in green, too. This uvarovite garnet is from Russia and formed naturally. Lime Jello, anyone?

Gorgeous Green uvarovite crystals on chromite matrix from Ural, Russia. Photo: R. Tanaka Visit Amazing Geologist for more.

Opalized Wood

PETRIFIED (Απολιθωμένο ξύλο Petrified Wood: Hermanophyton 3 and half inch. Thick uneven end cut from Betty Warrington. This is a gem quality agate replacement fossil.



Awesome rare earth mineral collection Note: Bismuth is manmade but still intriguing to look at.


50 Minerales impresionantes encontrados en la naturaleza.

We never think of minerals as beautiful, but we should. This series goes to show that minerals are just as beautiful as precious stones.

Apofilita o "nieve de ángeles ". Www.geologyin.com

This mineral beauty, dubbed the "snow angel," was discovered during the digging of a well in India. The specimen is a silicate mineral called apophyllite-(KF), which appears in volcanic rocks. Shine On: Photos of Dazzling Mineral Specimens

Amazing  Rare mineral  cost 5000 $

This is the Most Interesting Mineral You Will See Today. The specimen is described as "Chalcedony on Chrysocolla stalactites (pocket)," and measures 9 x 7 x 6 cm. It was originally obtained back in the from the Inspiration Mine in Arizona, USA.

Como energizar e harmozinar os seus cristais para os limpar

Como energizar e harmozinar os seus cristais para os limpar