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High school/college

This is so true it makes me sick just thinking about having to go back to hell (school) tomarrow

Reason to exist:)

This thought. I hope it is true, lol! I have had those 'crushes' so much.


How can kids make major life decisions when less than 3 months ago they had to ask to go to the bathroom -->So true

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This literally sums up my life right now! Twerkforcats really understands the true way to live life to the fullest!

I've actually written a report on it. It was about the national drop out age

The troubles of having social anxiety and an asshole teacher. I literally almost had a panic attack.

This helps me so much. Like I kinda believe in alternate universes so I mean this would be true I guess

if you ever feel bad about yourself just remember that if you were a fictional character people would probably love you for all your flaws and quirks and mannerisms that you probably hate


Caitlin Moran showing us all what we can learn from David Bowie. A true legend who inspired a generation,

This is what I don't understand about humans. Just because you don't like it, it isn't affecting anyone negatively so why insult people for this type of stuff?

Knock off the nitpicking. It doesn't make society and life any better to be a road block over how people live.

Just anytime a forty something person (usually a teacher) makes fun of teens and says "if we took all your phones/electronic devices/etc for 24 hours you would lose your mind" Yeah because I can't reach my safeguard/boyfriend or look up things that relax my anxiety. Technology gives me a way to cope, because it's the easiest method of finding ways to cope.

An older lady said something about me being on my phone yesterday while I was reading an ebook waiting for an appointment. It's so hurtful. It's hard enough for me to sit there without you reinforcing why I'm anxious in the first place