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Own a pair of converse in every color - well not every color. certainly a couple of pairs in my favorite colors!

DONE!  But want to do again when I buy my first house

Yes. What I want to write are my vows on my wedding day, also put the date and our names, get all the guests to sign and put handprint. Have the wet cement in my dream house

maybe i just want to go becz of percy jackson :D

Go to Greece. Study the architecture, art and general history of Greece-oh, and eat LOTS of yummy Greek food too of course.

That would be nice... Puppy come now!!! Lol

Most of the time, when I wish at I wish for the same thing. It'd be nice if it came true but I doubt it will. But one day I will wish for something different and it will come true.

find out how many balloons it takes to lift myself off of the ground

Find out how many balloons it takes to lift myself off the ground - I found this out in school! It takes veeeeery much balloons to lift myself off the ground.


I want to write a letter about myself and stick it in a bottle, then throw it in the ocean. With my address. Maybe someone would write back!

cause we're cool like that

a HUGE one, I've only had a small one before, it was really fun but it didn't last long witch stunk. It was for my birthday, I now have learned to get more than a can of silly string for everyone.


With Ray at the carnival in Creve Coeur, IL. That carnival doesn't even happen any more. I grew up in that area, and going to that carnival was an annual treat! So when we just happened to be visiting my family when it was in town .


i teach surf camp in the summer. no one walks away saying they didnt have fun surfing

I was on the street and I didn't get to go see it :( It's gotta happen.


Go to Carlo's Bake Shop in Hoboken, New Jersey! I ♥ the Cake Boss

Well, this was on my bucket list. But it was accomplished last spring!! @Maggie Gruber

ignore the food fight part, but do you remember this smileys from school? loved them!

any beach will do

The most awesome images on the Internet

Image detail for -beach, before i die, bucket list, bucketlist, kiss - inspiring picture . I'll probably do more than kiss.

My husband will love Legos (;

I've been to the lego place in the Mall of America, but that doesn't hold a candle to this!

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Smash A Pie On Someone's Face. #Bucket List # Before I Die.     Oh YES I did this too. Sara Brown Taylor.... You were great!  But i have had one in my face too.  Both ways were SOO much fun.        KAT

Smash a pie in someone's face. Why have I always wanted to do this? I've also wanted a pie smashed in my face to.